My Ideal Tours offers and promotes interpretive experiences, the planing of private-custom programs and online and interactive sessions, for people to enrich their knowledge and appreciation for nature & culture worldwide through heritage interpretation.

As Heritage Interpreters we have the great opportunity to work closely to valuable resources and to be in contact with a variety of audiences from all over the world. Because of all these, we have learned how interesting, beautiful but fragile cultural and natural resources could be. We all enjoy learning about our worldwide heritage and admire its greatness, but we don't fully understand it, sometimes, normally unintentionally, we even damage it, even a little, we definitely have an impact on it. In My Ideal Tours, we think this impact can be instead positive, affordable and beneficial for everybody.

Meaninful Experiences

About our work

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  • Our Mission: Promoting the value of natural and cultural heritage through experiences with a purpose


  • We plan experiences based mainly on the visitor's interests, doing our best to meet their needs and perspectives by offering meaningful,  relevant, inclusive, affordable experiences and also free or tip-based programs.


  • In every experience we plan, there is always a way to support heritage promotion and preservation, benefit sites, conservation programs, local communities, the guides - interpreters and especially avoid negative impacts on natural and cultural resources.

We focus on

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  • ​We believe in the power of people to contribute to heritage conservation.

  • Interpretive experiences include talks, demonstrations, performances, exhibits, media, guided tours, visits, classes/lectures, workshops, publications, outreach...


  • ​We work as an International Network with other Heritage Interpreters and professionals in the field.


  • Professionalisation and Continuing Education are very important to us, we participate in conferences and conventions and many of us do voluntary work.

We are Heritage Interpreters making it easier for people to discover the hidden meanings of culture and nature

Our Story

We are an International Network of Professional and Certified Interpretive Guides working together to share our passion for the world's legacy.

Our Mission

Promoting the value of natural and cultural heritage worldwide through experiences with a purpose.

Heritage Interpretation

We are continually getting  Certifications,  participating in Workshops & Continuous Education in Heritage Interpretation.

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La communauté


Join our heritage giving back program and get special access to events, follow and support heritage interpretation, increase your networking opportunities, find educational resources, help with our mission of promoting and taking care of  natural and cultural resources.

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