How to be ready for an Ultra Long Haul Flight

Survive is good, but ensure a comfortable ultra long haul flight is way better.

Connecting to the ends of the Earth with nonstop flights sounds marvellous, but what about to be more than 12 hrs in a long-range wide-body aircraft? Is it possible to feel at ease and be comfortable? For some just thinking about it sounds like isn’t the easiest thing to do, and it is true. Imagine after two movies, trying to sleep, reading or playing games, working a bit, you start to check the time and you realize is only 4 hours down! There are 8 to 10 hrs to go... what to do? Pas de panique, is not that hard after all.

We asked experienced-frequent travellers to make up the list with us, these are the tips which really contribute to feeling at ease before taking an Ultra Long-Haul Flight* and be comfortable during your flight, also enjoy more your first day of arrival! Here we go.


1. Having your luggage ready in advance is fundamental to not stress right before your flight.

How good is to have everything ready just to make an easy double-check before going to sleep, right?. Experienced travellers have their favourite travel clothes apart! They say isn’t really necessary to bring many things and carry extra things that you won’t even use or not sure you will. Less is better, definitely no need to pay extra weight, keep it light.

Make sure your carry-on does not exceed the size and weight limit and which accessories and liquid goods are accepted in the cabin, it is very sad when the airport personnel take away and trash that big body lotion in front of you.

What to bring with you for the flight:

  • Small hand sanitizer (antibacterial wipes are good too).

  • Pain tablets and eye drops. (Specific medication when necessary and the prescription).

  • Compression socks.

  • Be careful with your money, credit cards and passport, all these are better close to you. Not in your carry-on.

  • Some candy and breath mints.

  • Lip balm, hands and face moisturizer.

  • Pen and notebook.

2. Check before about the cabins and In-Flight services to avoid surprises when you are already on board.

Normally online information about the comfort, entertainment offer, seats and food availability are on the airline's website.

What to bring with you for the flight:

  • Your electronics, and by the way, charge them! (don't forget to bring the charger too) fill it up with your favourite tracks, movies, books and games.

  • Your own set of noise-cancelling headphones.

  • Eye mask and extra pillow? Yes, all that brings extra comfort, your mind and body will appreciate it.

3. Get a good night's sleep and take your flight rested!

Thinking “I won't sleep now to sleep during the flight” mmm… no a good idea, doesn’t work that way. The chances of falling asleep or not waking up on time are higher if you are not well-rested. Sleep and rest during the flight are more like a good nap, and for all the efforts your body passes before, during and after the flight, it really needs to be rested to better deal with all. No worries go to bed early the night before, everything is prepared, right? luggage, documents, passport, ESTA or visa, transit visa, etc.

4. Consider getting an upgrade Definitely worth it. If you are frequent travellers get a Lounge Card also if possible, it helps to save time and money.

5. Wear comfortable clothes and layer them up Wrinkle-free clothing made of natural fibres like cotton, silk, or linen to allow your skin to "breathe", comfort is key, nothing tight, let your circulation flow normally.

Limit your accessories.

The temperature during flights may change to “is it really hot or it's only me” to “I'm freezing and I don't feel my feet anymore”, so, to keep your body at a comfortable temperature, it's best to layer your clothing. Instead of wearing only a shirt and a heavy jacket, wear a comfortable shirt with a pullover over it. #travellingbestclothes

What to bring with you for the flight:

  • A scarf is really helpful.

  • Depending on the weather, your heavy winter jacket (use it after as an extra pillow).

  • Always bring socks and a pair of comfortable sturdy shoes.

Excellent! We have covered the basics for a better long flight. Thanks to our wonderful kind of work at My Ideal Tours we have had the chance of taking these long flights and try these tips, they work! Now we got a better experience on ways to ensure a comfortable Ultra long-haul flight. Let us know if you have more tips we can add to our list!

Next post: What to do during the flight to improve the experience of being trapped in the sky.

Bon voyage!

*There are four flight length categories: Short-haul flight: Under 3 hours Medium-haul flight: 3 to 6 hours Long-haul flight: 6 to 12 hours Ultra long-haul flight: Over 12 hours


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